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Liberation is always necessary

Liberation is always necessary

Liberazione è sempre necessaria
ché brulicano ancor peggio che vermi
i nazi ed i fascisti, come germi
ammorbano con l’odio nostra aria,
assaltan la memoria anniversaria,
già sferrano l’attacco e tutti fermi.
All’armi il grido lor contro gli inermi,
ché audacia fu del vil sempre avversaria.
A volte cambia il nome che li lega,
si chiamano fratelli o camerati,
ognun di lor del giusto se ne frega,
di dei, patrie e famiglie falsi vati,
ché il ver, mendace bocca, sempre nega.
Obliando razza lor si è liberati.

The many criticisms that every year the anniversary of the liberation receives, show with evident clarity, that for various reasons its many critics should be listened to: there should not be a day of liberation, a day of resistance. It is not enough. One day is little, it would take at least 366, to be sure that no breach has been left open that allows new attacks to memory, even in the bad years like the sad 2020.

The Nazis and fascists in the world are perhaps more than they were in the first half of the twentieth century, they are in the government of many countries, they infiltrate many parties, they invent new alternative names, but they are always the same crap. We must not be afraid to call things by the right name, it is not politically incorrect to say that Nazi-fascism sucks, it is simply true because the hatred and racism that are its only pure essence are irrefutably disgusting.

Many will feel offended by my words, precisely because many are, unfortunately, still the fascists who threaten liberation.
I believe that no one is born a fascist or a partisan; staying on one side or the other or neither is a choice. I strongly believe that deliberately choosing evil, injustice, hatred is the worst possible choice and I wonder what else more than that could deserve the indignation of the just.

The less stupid Nazi-Fascists loudly demand softer tones towards them, in the glory of freedom of expression and politically correct, and meanwhile, they creep into positions of power, in everyday life, in normality, while trying to change the very meaning of words.
Already many no longer understand the real meaning of certain phrases such as:
give me full powers = I want to be your dictator;
let's help them at their home = I don't want them in my house, near my house, or even at their house if I feel like going where they live;
let's close the ports = let's hope they drown, let them die;
I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am Christian = hate, hate every different one, find any reason to hate as much as possible;
single thought = any thought that is other than their one stupid thought.
And one could go on like this analyzing all their language, fortunately not for long, considering that, being poor in intellect, in the end, they always repeat the same bullshit.

Let me be clear that I do not think we should hate people, we must never imitate them in this, what we must hate are their bad choices, their evil actions, their stupid ideologies.
People can still notice the mistake and decide to change. It is right to grant a chance for redemption to those who seek it, especially considering that the bad seed grows luxuriantly in ignorance.

We must not hate, but we must resist, we must fight and we must free ourselves and liberate, because we have not yet liberated the world and, perhaps, most have not yet understood what freedom is.

Freedom is not an immovable statue to be owned or shown to others, nor is it enough to say that you have it or fill your mouth with the sound of its name to be truly free. Freedom is more like a poem, but not any writing that you decide to call poetry because true freedom is like a sonnet, full of laws and rules: just as every verse must end at the right point where another begins, so the freedom of each ends where that of someone else begins, as the verses the individual freedoms must be in harmony with each other and create the perfect harmony of the whole.
Freedom is a poem that is not ready yet and will continue not to be until someone suffers away from it.  

True freedom is not a possibility, it is a necessity.
It is not the possibility of doing what one wants, it is the necessity that what is right is always done.
It is not the possibility of being able to become rich, it is the necessity that there are no poor condemned to starve.
It is not the possibility of saying whatever is on your mind, it is the need for no one to be a victim of the lies of others.
Freedom is not the possibility of chasing any dream, it is the need for happiness to be found for everyone not only in dreams. 

I hope that these words of mine pay the due homage to freedom and to those who fought and struggle to free others.

Giovanni Canino