Read the proof

Avoid the unjust that won't change dot org

I made a mistake and the first thing to do when making a mistake is to admit it to yourself first and to others afterwards. While trying in my own small way to build bridges that unite humanity, pontifical infallibility is not among my prerogatives.

Having to create an online petition and coming from an era in which signatures were collected with pen and paper and by talking to people, I chose to use an instrument I didn’t know, but I had read and heard about, probably the most used: has removed my petition and my account without any reason and did not respond to my request for explanations. Fortunately.

Rule of life: if the majority goes in one direction, before following it you should always check because it is most likely the wrong direction.

It is my habit to check everything possible, but in this case because of hurry and distraction I did not do it, and for this reason, I feel the need to apologize to a group of kind people that in order to help me, unknowingly followed me into a bad place.


The Nobel Price

One day before the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize it seems to me the most appropriate moment to reflect on this well-known recognition. Few have never heard of the Nobel Prize, but how many know what the Nobel Prize is, why it exists and who assigns it? I will try to gather here various information available to all and unfortunately ignored by the most, small pieces of a mosaic scattered and lost in the abundance of redundant information, put together they will show a different and perhaps more authentic image of the illusion in which many lose their own life. When you look at the single piece of a mosaic, little or nothing can be understood, only by looking at the whole the importance of the parts is understood.


The European Parliament does not know what Communism means and mixes it with Nazism

What better way to start this section than by showing that most of the big heads that govern an entire continent, if they really are big, it is only for the size of their skull, not for what's inside. That the Bannon's Boys do not have enough neurons for a synapse is self-evident, but that Europeans do not want to stay too far behind is more difficult to perceive.

In the "European Parliament resolution on the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe" the words Communism or Communist appear 22 times, Nazi or Nazism 15, Stalinism 2, Fascist or Fascism zero, America or United States zero.